A wrist injury, especially when it affects the dominant hand, can make it difficult to perform even the most menial tasks. Getting the right orthopedic care can mean the difference between lingering pain with reduced function and swift recovery with restored use. The following wrist injuries represent some of the more common issues that require the help of an orthopedist. 

Broken Wrist Did you know that the wrist contains eight distinct bones? The complex makeup of this joint can leave it vulnerable to accidents that may injure one or bones in it. Many people instinctually use their hands to buffer the impact of slip and fall accidents, which can account for some wrist fractures. Individuals who participate in sports may also suffer wrist injuries should they fall or suffer a blow during their activities.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Carpal tunnel syndrome is a problem for many people who use their wrists for repetitive motions. This condition occurs when the tissues housed in the wrist suffer inflammation. In many cases, this inflammation develops due to the overuse of the wrist, as a person might do when typing at his desk for multiple hours each workday. When these tissues swell in response to the excessive workload placed upon them, they can squeeze the median nerve that runs through them. This side effect is the source of the pain that many carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers feel. 

Joint Deterioration Arthritis is a condition that many people associate with larger joints such as the hips or knees. However, any joint can experience arthritic complications, including the wrist. When the cartilage of the wrist begins to erode, the bones that it normally protects may start to rub against each other. Not only can this activity cause irrevocable damage to the wrist bones, but also it can lead to chronic discomfort.

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