Whether you are a dedicated runner or just go jogging occasionally, it’s crucial that you have the right running shoes. Improper running shoes can increase your risk of sports injuries, like knee injuries, sprained ankles, broken ankles, cartilage damage, and torn ligaments. Before you visit your local sporting goods store, take a look at this guide to finding the right running shoes for your needs.

Make Sure You Know Your Exact Size

When you buy running shoes that are slightly too big or too small, you might suffer from blisters, ingrown toenails, bunions, and other uncomfortable foot problems. The next time you visit your orthopedist , ask him to measure your feet so that you’ll know your exact size. Shoe sizes vary between brands and shoe models, so knowing your exact foot size is key to finding shoes that fit perfectly. Running shoes should have extra space in the toes that is about the width of one of your thumbnails.

Choose the Right Shoes for Your Sport

You should always buy running shoes that are appropriate for the specific type of running that you do. Running shoes are available in a few different categories, such as road running, trail running, and cross-training. If you buy the right shoes for your sport, you can avoid repetitive stress on your muscles and bones, which can lead to arthritis, tendonitis, torn ligaments, cartilage damage, joint pain, and sore muscles.

Seek out Shoes with Support

The amount of support that you need from your running shoes depends upon how you run. Your orthopedic specialist can analyze your gait to determine your pronation style. It’s possible that you’ll need shoes with strong arch supports, or that you may need to use orthotic inserts in your running shoes.

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