The days are starting to get a little shorter, you might see a hint of the leaves changing in Queens, and this can only mean one thing: it’s back-to-school time once again. Whether you are getting yourself or your child ready for the back-to-school season, it’s important to know how to choose the right backpack.

Wearing a backpack that is too heavy or improperly sized can cause back and neck pain, and could lead to the need for a trip to the orthopedist. Look for a backpack that sits just below the shoulder blades and at or slightly above the waist. Use both shoulder straps, and employ the waist strap for better weight distribution. Check out this infographic from the orthopedic doctors at Able Orthopedic & Sports Medicine to learn more about choosing the right backpack. You’ll also see how you can help our orthopedic office give back to New York City this season. Please share this info with your friends and classmates.

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