With autumn in full swing, many children are signing up for their favorite fall sports. Football, basketball, hockey, and volleyball are just some of the activities that schools often offer during the fall, and each can help your child become more active, physically fit, and confident. However, without the proper precautions, children can also suffer painful and substantial sports injuries that sideline them through autumn and winter. 

Mandate the Use of Proper Equipment

Sports can offer many benefits to children, but due to the more rigorous nature of some activities, they can also raise the potential for injuries without the right protective gear. High contact sports in particular necessitate the appropriate equipment. So before you let your child participate in football, hockey, or another fall sport , make sure that he understands the importance of wearing his gear. You may also want to consult his coach to ensure that your child is using the right equipment for his position and size.

Encourage Diverse Activities

If your child has a love for a particular sport, he may insist on playing it to the exclusion of all others. While consistent training is integral to developing the proper skills for any sport, engaging in a single activity for extended periods of time can result in repetitive use injuries. Encouraging your child to explore other activities can better ensure that he is utilizing different muscle groups and protecting himself from wear and tear injuries.

Restrict Excessive Practice

Sports injuries can also result from practice or training sessions that become too intensive or go on for too long. As your child becomes more fatigued and less focused during practice, he may be more apt to incur injuries. Dehydration can also heighten the risk of safety issues. For the health and wellbeing of your child, you may want to talk with his coach to ensure that you and he are in agreement regarding just how rigorous and lengthy each practice session should be.

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