Sports injuries are common amongst football players, but you can avoid suffering permanent damage by following injury prevention tips. Visiting an orthopedic specialist who practices sports medicine is a great way to identify new ways to protect your muscles, bones, and joints from sports injuries. Here are some other helpful injury prevention tips.

Visit a Doctor of Sports Medicine Regularly

If you play football, you’ll need to rely on a skilled, experienced orthopedist who specializes in sports medicine. This orthopedic specialist can give you regular evaluations for sports injuries, arthritis, tendonitis, cartilage damage, and osteoporosis. You can also ask for injury prevention tips that will further protect your body from pain and damage.

Utilize Stretching and Strength Training Techniques

Stretching properly before and after playing football or working out is key to protecting your muscles, tendons, and ligaments from injury. As you stretch, your muscles become stronger and more flexible. This allows them to better support your body through the stress of extreme physical activity. Strength training also makes your muscles stronger, and affords you better muscle control and balance, preventing damage and injury to your body.

Stay Active

During your off season, remain physically active so that your body is in peak physical shape when the season begins again. If you suffered from any wrist, shoulder, ankle, or knee injuries, you should visit your orthopedic specialist for treatment. He may advise you to avoid putting stress on the injured body part for a period of time to prevent further damage. If this is the case, as your orthopedist what you can do to maintain your strength and agility during the off-season while still allowing your sports injuries to heal.

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