Your knees play an important role in your ability to perform everyday movements like walking, bending, and climbing stairs, and when they don’t function properly, this can greatly impact your life. To know if you should talk to an orthopedist about knee replacement surgery, watch for the following symptoms:

You have increased pain.

Pain is one of the most obvious indicators of a problem in the body. In many cases, a patient and his orthopedic surgeon will decide that it’s time to proceed with knee replacement when the individual’s pain increases, becomes constant, or doesn’t respond to other treatments . If your knee pain is recurrent or persistent, then it may be time to talk to your doctor about knee replacement.

You have reduced mobility.

Your ability to move freely plays a significant part in your overall quality of life. When a person has knee pain, this symptom can gradually worsen to the point that the individual is no longer as mobile as they once were. If you find that your knee issues prevent you from participating in some activities, standing or walking as much as you would like, or exercising and staying active, then you may benefit from knee replacement surgery.

You have joint stiffness.

Stiffness in your knee that occurs in certain situations can mean that it’s time to consider knee replacement. You might notice that your knee aches following activity, will become stiff and painful during rainy weather, or is difficult to move for more than half an hour after you wake. You may also experience a grating feeling in the joint when you bend your knee, or that you’re unable to bend it as far as you once could. If you experience any of these symptoms, talk to an orthopedic doctor to learn if knee replacement surgery could be right for you.

If you suffer from knee pain and think that you could benefit from knee replacement in Queens, then the experienced team at Able Orthopedic & Sports Medicine can help. To schedule your knee injury consultation, give us a call today at (347) 537-2404.

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