While sports medicine specialists and orthopedists commonly treat patients with neck, hand, and wrist injuries caused by sports and physical activities, these problems can also develop as a result of poor cell phone ergonomics. Watch this video for tips on minimizing the strain on your body while using your cell phone.

Cell phone accessories can help relieve the stress put on your hands, wrists, and neck while you use your mobile device, but the ideal solution is to change your habits. Alternate between hands while talking on your phone, and between your fingers while swiping and texting. Also, hold your phone just below eye level while reading emails to avoid straining your neck.

Are you looking for an orthopedist in Queens? Able Orthopedic & Sports Medicine can treat tendonitis and other injuries that can occur from cell phone use. To schedule an appointment or learn more about sports injuries, call us today at (347) 537-2404.

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