Spending time in the garden this time of year can be extremely pleasant and relaxing. However, when it comes to digging, weeding, and raking, many gardeners end up developing aches, pains, and even injuries. Practicing good posture in the garden is essential to reduce your risk for wrist or knee injury.

Stretch Your Body

Orthopedists recommend warming up before any type of physical activity, including gardening. By remembering to stretch before you grab your spade or shovel, you can reduce your muscle and joint stiffness, which will help you to garden with good posture and avoid injury. While stretching, pay particular attention to your back, wrists, neck, and legs to promote less pain and stiffness at the end of your day in the yard.

Protect Your Wrists

To protect your wrists while working in the garden, don’t do too much at once. Many gardeners dedicate a weekend to completing all of their weeding or planting and end up straining their dominant wrist in the process. On that note, be sure to alternate your tools between your hands. By using each hand equally, you can drastically reduce the amount of strain put on your dominant wrist. To help avoid wrist injuries , remember to use tools that feature long handles because they offer good leverage. Lastly, take breaks at least every 30 minutes to shake out your hands and relax your joints.

Protect Your Knees

When working close to the ground, your knees can be put under significant strain. If you prefer kneeling while weeding and planting, place a padded ground cushion beneath your knees while you garden. If you find that this still strains your knees, try using a gardening stool, which will allow you to sit low to the ground while you work. Remember to take breaks and avoid kneeling in one spot for too long.

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