Following any surgical procedure, taking steps to avoid infection can be crucial for the patient’s health and the success of the treatment. Are you scheduled to see an orthopedist for surgery? If so, then continue reading to learn what you can do to prevent infection following your procedure.

Before Your Surgery

To help reduce the chances of infection, speak with your orthopedic surgeon before your appointment about any health problems that you may have which could affect your surgery, such as diabetes or allergies. Smokers should ask for advice on quitting smoking before surgery because patients who smoke get more infections. Avoid shaving the area around the surgical site because the razor can irritate the skin and make it more vulnerable to infection. Finally, bathe or shower using an antibacterial soap before your surgery and as directed by your doctor.

After Your Surgery

You can help prevent an infection of the wound by not allowing any friends or family who visit you after your procedure to touch the surgical site or dressings. Also, any visitors should disinfect their hands using an alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water before and after they stop by.

During Your Recovery

Before you leave the medical facility, your surgeon or nurse will go over your aftercare instructions and provide you with a copy to take home. You should strictly follow this advice and ask your doctor any questions that you may have. At home, always clean your hands before caring for your wound in any way. Finally, to help keep the surgery site healthy, it’s critical to remain vigilant for the signs of an infection. If you develop a fever or notice any drainage, pain, or redness at the surgery site, call your doctor right away.

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