Your shoulders are responsible for a range of different motions, and as such, they are very vulnerable to orthopedic injury. A shoulder injury can be debilitating, so pay attention to the early signs so that you can get treatment fast. See your orthopedic doctor if you experience any of these signs of a shoulder injury.

Limited range of motion is one of the first signs many people experience with a shoulder injury. Can you lift your shoulder completely and rotate it as normal? If not, an injury could be to blame. You may also experience stiffness in your shoulder, and your arm and hand may feel weak. Even if you don’t have any pain in your shoulder, an injury could leave you feeling like your shoulder is vulnerable and that it could pop out of the socket with too much movement.

Don’t let a minor shoulder injury become a major disruption. See our orthopedic doctor at Able Orthopedic & Sports Medicine at the first sign of a problem. To schedule an orthopedic consultation, call our Queens office today at (718) 690-9520.

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