Sports injuries are some of the most common problems that orthopedic specialists treat. This time of year, plenty of people injure themselves on the diamond but, in many cases, these injuries are preventable. Use these tips to stay injury-free this softball season:

Prepare Your Body

Before putting on your mitt or grabbing a bat, always remember to warm up. To do this, take a couple of laps around the field while maintaining an easy pace. Warming up stimulates blood flow in your muscles, helping to warm them, increase their flexibility, and help prevent torn muscles. Once you get your blood pumping, it’s time to stretch. Focus on stretches that will loosen up the muscles, ligaments, and joints of your shoulders, elbows, and back.

Strengthen Your Body

When your muscles and cardiovascular system are strong and conditioned, your game will improve and your chance of injury will decrease. Jogging and swimming can both increase your cardiovascular strength, providing you with better endurance on the field. Plyometric exercises and strength training will help build your muscles and teach you how to use them more effectively.

Protect Your Body

Gearing up with the right equipment is essential for staying injury-free on the softball field. Keep in mind that your uniform is designed to protect your body, rather than serve as a fashion statement, so select clothing and equipment that fit properly. Additionally, wearing sliding shorts, sliders, and knee pads will help protect your legs from scrapes and bruises. In chilly weather, pack gloves, jackets, leggings, and long-sleeved tops before heading to the field. Keeping your muscles warm between innings is far easier when you have the right clothing to protect you from the cold. Finally, never step up to the mound without wearing a batting helmet, and catchers should always wear the proper headgear.

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