Figure skaters are susceptible to a number of sports injuries, including ankle injuries caused by improper stops. Stopping correctly on the ice is a skill that takes patience and persistence to learn. Beginning figure skaters typically learn the snowplow stop first. This may be done with one or both feet. First, skaters should hold onto the rail while practicing this move. Later, skaters can practice without holding onto the rail. The move is done by pushing the flat of the blade out. The ice should scrape and generate friction. Then, the skater should bend the knees and come to a complete stop.

The T-stop is harder to master but looks more elegant than the snowplow stop. The T-stop gets its name from its appearance; one blade is placed at a 90-degree angle to the other in the middle of the rear blade. The rear blade generates the friction needed to stop, while the front blade simply glides.

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