When someone breaks a bone, it is imperative that they get the proper orthopedic treatment to ensure that the bone heals correctly. Use this guide to learn more about bone fractures to understand the need to see an orthopedic doctor if you break one:

A Stable Fracture Broken bones can range from simple to severe, mostly depending on the amount of force that caused the fracture. A stable fracture occurs when a bone breaks so that both ends line up and have only shifted slightly away from their normal place, which makes it an easy fracture to fix.

An Open, Compound Fracture Sometimes the force that breaks a bone is so strong that it sends the fragment up through the skin. This kind of break can be especially dangerous because the open wound is susceptible to infection. If you have a compound fracture, you should see the orthopedist as soon as possible to get treated.

A Transverse Fracture When someone suffers from a transverse fracture , they have a horizontal break across the bone. Although a sharp blow can cause a transverse fracture, it is often the result of excessive stress placed on the bone from an activity like running.

An Oblique Fracture Oblique fractures happen at an angle. A simple oblique fracture does not extend very far into the bone. A severe fracture cuts diagonally across most of the bone. These injuries most often occur in larger bones like the femur.

A Comminuted Fracture This severe break happens when a bone is shattered into at least three pieces. Comminuted fractures are some of the most difficult to treat because the break is so complex.

No matter what kind of fracture you have, it is important to seek the medical attention of an orthopedic doctor for treatment. At Able Orthopedics & Sports Medicine , we have one of the best teams of orthopedists in all of Queens. We will do everything we can to fix your break so your bone heals completely. To learn more about our Forest Hills location, call (347) 537-2404. 

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