Not all fractures involve a complete break of the bone. A greenstick fracture refers to the bending and cracking, rather than the breaking, of the bone. An orthopedist may diagnose this type of fracture in children, since their bones are less rigid than an adult’s bones. Fortunately for young patients, the symptoms of greenstick fractures are typically much less severe than other types of fractures. Some children may only have mild swelling and discomfort. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a parent to mistake the signs of a greenstick fracture as being indicative of a sprain. However, some greenstick fractures do cause substantial swelling, pain, and deformity.

At the clinic, the orthopedist can take x-rays to diagnose the fracture. The typical treatment for a greenstick fracture is the application of a cast to immobilize the body part while it heals. Sometimes, the orthopedic specialist may recommend a removable splint instead. After a few weeks, the patient should have a follow-up visit to make sure the bone is healing properly.

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