While people often visit an orthopedist for sports medicine, non-sports injuries are also commonly treated ailments. Individuals often ignore their posture while using their mobile devices but, over time, practicing poor ergonomics while texting can lead to pain and injury.

Do switch hands.

Alternating the hand in which you hold your device throughout the day can avoid straining the muscles, tendons, and joints in one hand or the other. Also, maintain a neutral hand position that allows you to hold your phone in the palm of one hand, rather than between both of your hands.

Don’t text excessively.

The more time that you spend using your phone to write texts and emails., the more likely you are to develop overuse injuries as a result. To prevent straining your hands and wrists, use a device with a standard keyboard when possible and for the bulk of your emails.

Do take shortcuts.

When it comes to ergonomic texting, taking shortcuts is a great way to help avoid strains and injuries. Use your web browser to search for shortcuts, paying particular attention to words and controls that you use frequently, and incorporate them into your texting. Another option is to use voice recognition software whenever possible. These two methods can reduce your number of keystrokes and can reduce your risk of texting-related tendonitis and injuries .

Don’t sit awkwardly.

In addition to your hands and wrists, the use of poor texting ergonomics can affect your back and neck as well. To help prevent pain in these areas, avoid awkward sitting positions that cause you to incline your neck sharply downward or hold your head to the side as you text.

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