Shoulder pain is a common side effect after experiencing a sports injury or other type of accident. When left untreated, the pain can become debilitating and interfere with your usual daily activities. If the cause of your shoulder pain is undiagnosed, it is important to see an orthopedist for evaluation and any necessary care that can help you get back to your normal routine. These strategies can also help you reduce your shoulder pain and prevent it from returning.


Often, rest is the most effective remedy for pain caused by shoulder injuries , particularly pain associated with sports injuries or repetitive use injuries. Stop the activity that could have caused the pain and reduce the amount of movement you make with your shoulder in general. After a period of rest, physical therapy may help you slowly rebuild your muscle strength so you can move your shoulder again with a lower risk of injury. Talk to your orthopedist about incorporating heat and ice when you are resting to encourage healing.


Depending on the nature of your injury and the severity of your pain, your orthopedist may prescribe medications to reduce inflammation and control your pain. Steroid injections into the area of the injury may also help. Typically, pain medications are used for a limited period of time under the close supervision of your doctor.


Most patients with shoulder pain do not go on to need orthopedic surgery. Occasionally, however, surgery is necessary for pain that doesn’t respond to other treatments. For instance, surgery may be recommended for rotator cuff repair and recurring dislocations. Depending on the nature of your injury, your orthopedic surgery may recommend traditional surgery or an arthroscopic procedure.

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