An ACL tear is a fairly common sports injury that occurs when one of the major ligaments in the knee, called the anterior cruciate ligament, is injured. This type of injury frequently happens when the person is playing a sport that involves jumping or sudden changes in direction, such as volleyball, gymnastics, basketball, soccer, football, and tennis. The injured person often feels or hears a pop in the knee at the time of the injury.

This type of knee injury occurs significantly more frequently in women than in men. While there is no definitive answer as to why this is, experts have several theories. Because they have a wider pelvis, it is thought by some that the more severe angle of their thigh bones make women more prone to ACL injuries. Others believe that because the femur groove through which the ACL travels, as well as the ligament itself, are smaller in women than in men, that this makes their ACL more vulnerable to injury.

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