Like other growths that develop in the body, bone tumors can be benign or malignant. In either case, however, the growth can cause substantial harm to the surrounding healthy bone. For this reason, bone tumors require professional orthopedic attention. An orthopedic doctor can determine the nature of the growth and the most appropriate form of treatment for it. 

Reasons Tumors Form Orthopedic experts are still studying the reasons why both benign and malignant bone tumors develop. They do know, though, that bone tumors can sometimes form as the result of malignant growths that have developed elsewhere in the body. Though the cancer may not be classified as bone cancer, it still requires the help of an orthopedic doctor for treatment purposes.

Symptoms Tumors Present If a bone tumor invades healthy tissue , it can cause pain at the growth site. Because the bone is robbed of healthy bone cells that keep the tissue strong, a bone tumor can also lead to bone fractures. Only after sustaining a bone break might some people learn of their tumors. In some cases, an individual might undergo diagnostic imaging tests for another condition only for his medical staff to find a tumor in those images. Therefore, some bone tumors present no noticeable symptoms at all.

Treatment Options to Address Tumors The way in which an orthopedist addresses a bone tumor depends on its classification. A growing malignant tumor might require surgery to remove the cancerous tissue as well as chemotherapy to prevent the spreading of malignant cells. In contrast, an orthopedic doctor might advise that a patient only come in for periodic checkups if he has a static benign tumor. Individuals diagnosed with bone tumors should explore all available treatment options before moving forward with any of them.

Able Orthopedic & Sports Medicine can guide you through your treatment choices in the event that you are diagnosed with a bone tumor. To set up an appointment with an orthopedist at our Forest Hills office, call (347) 537-2404. You can also visit our website to learn more about our comprehensive services for a wide range of orthopedic injuries. 

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