Wearing the right footwear can mean the difference between excellence and injury. Exercising while wearing unsupportive footwear can result in anything from mild discomfort to long-term pain and hindered performance. Ankle sprains and shin splints are among the most common sports injuries treated by orthopedic surgeons. Ankle injuries often result from a quick change of direction which strains the joint’s ligaments. Wearing proper footwear supports the ankle joint, helping to prevent sprains and strains. Shin splints are frequently the result of overpronation, meaning that your foot’s arch collapses as you impact the ground.

Without proper care, ankle injuries can heal poorly, resulting in years of discomfort and reduced mobility. At Able Orthopedic & Sports Medicine, we are committed to keeping our patients on their feet and in the game. You can reach us at (718) 897-2229 to find out how our orthopedists treat sports injuries near Queens.

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