Football is one of America’s favorite sports, but playing the game comes with substantial injury risk. Football players frequently find themselves under the care of orthopedic doctors as they get back into game shape. Whether you or your child plays football or you simply want to know what to look out for in your fantasy team players, you’ll find what you need to know about the most common football injuries below.

ACL Injury The anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, is one of the four ligaments that make up your knee. Unlike some other kinds of football injuries,  ACL injuries are not usually caused by contact. Instead, problems with the ACL usually begin when a player pivots and overextends the knee or lands in an awkward position. The seriousness of ACL injuries vary. In some cases, orthopedic surgery is necessary to repair ACL injuries.

Meniscus Tear The meniscus acts as a cushion between the joints in your knee. It can tear when the knee is twisted, either by overextending the knee or during a forceful hit or tackle. As with ACL injuries, some meniscus tears will heal on their own, while others will require the intervention of an orthopedic surgeon.

Ankle Sprain As football players run up and down the field, it’s easy for them to sprain an ankle. All it takes is one misstep or one hard tackle. Ankle sprains don’t often require orthopedic surgery, but the ankle should still be looked at by a doctor to ensure it is nothing more serious like an Achilles tear.

Rotator Cuff Tear Collisions and tackles put players’ shoulders at risk. The rotator cuff—which is the group of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder—is prone to tearing during tackles. Rotator cuff tears can be very painful and usually require surgery to repair.

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