You don’t have to be an athlete to suffer a bone fracture. Fractures can occur as a result of repetitive impacts or sudden trauma. A fracture isn’t quite like a bruise, which heals on its own; in many cases, a fracture must be treated by a professional in order to heal properly. At Able Orthopedic & Sports Medicine, we have the skill and expertise necessary to help you recover from your fracture.

If you suffer an open fracture—a fracture that breaks the skin—or another serious break, one of our team members will meet you at the emergency room. As you’re receiving your initial treatment, we’ll develop a detailed treatment plan to help you make a full recovery. If you require surgery at any point during your recovery, we can perform the procedure at our Queens orthopedic office.

Able Orthopedic & Sports Medicine can facilitate healing for all kinds of fractures. If you’re looking for anorthopedic surgeon in NYC , call (347) 537-2404 to make an appointment at our Forest Hills office.  

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