Carpal tunnel syndrome is an orthopedic condition that involves the median nerve, which runs along the forearm and into the hand. The median nerve is contained within the carpal tunnel, which is a bony passageway. If the carpal tunnel becomes narrowed due to a medical condition, work stress, or other factors, it compresses the median nerve, causing discomfort and other symptoms. Unless treatment from an orthopedic doctor or surgeon is sought, you’re likely to experience progressively worsening symptoms.

Mild Symptoms

Carpal tunnel symptoms are typically mild at first. You may notice sensations such as itching or numbness in the fingers and palm of your hand. Burning and tingling sensations are common. These symptoms may become worse at night due to your sleeping position. In the morning, your fingers may feel stiff. The pain and numbness may spread to your wrist and forearm. You’re likely to begin to have trouble gripping objects properly. Sometimes, this orthopedic condition can cause the feeling of swelling in the area, although you won’t see visible evidence of swelling.

Moderate to Severe Symptoms

As your orthopedic condition grows worse, the symptoms are likely to become more frequent throughout the day. The pain and reduction in grip strength are likely to interfere with your day-to-day activities, such as those that require fine motor skills like gripping a pen. You may notice that you frequently drop objects. Eventually, you may start having trouble with your pinch strength, or your ability to pinch an object between your thumb and forefinger. Eventually, muscle atrophy at the base of the thumb can occur and you may have trouble differentiating between hot and cold sensations.

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